Essential Goals for Every Small Business Owner

Usually, January is the month for resolutions. The list of goals for the upcoming year can range from getting in shape, to planning a great vacation, to getting finances in order, and so much more. However, for a small business to succeed, it is important to continuously set, examine, and redefine your goals throughout the year. As days pass by, and distractions pop up, goals keep you focused on what is important for your success. To help you on your path, we've pulled together a list of  5 goals for every small business owner. By adopting these goals, and working towards them all year long, you will see your business grow and thrive.

Goal #1: Learn to delegate

Small business owners are used to doing it all. They feel the burden of success on their shoulders and they want to make sure that all parts and departments of their company are running smoothly. While this is an understandable (and admirable) trait, it is also a recipe for failure. Not only do you spend your valuable time on tasks that are outside your purview, you also set yourself up for burnout. To help you with delegation, take the time to examine where your company needs you the most. Are you a marketing whiz? Can you outsell everyone around you? Do you have a talent for customer service? Whatever your strengths are, commit to spending the bulk of your time and energy there - and let people with other strengths take care of the rest.

Goal #2: Get to know your customers

Whether you sell a good or a service, the success of your company depends on other people finding value in what you have to offer. While you can have long discussions with your team, read books and articles, and attend conferences about your field, nothing replaces the insight that comes from talking to your actual customers. What are their needs? Their objectives? Their pain points? What actually brings them inside your door or to your website? By talking to your customers you will help them feel important and valued - and you’ll also learn how to attract more people to your business.

Goal #3: Get rid of the waste

Companies tend to grow and evolve over time. Practices and programs that were helpful in the beginning can turn into burdens that no longer yield any results. Now is the time to take stock of all of the things you do - from what you sell to how your company is organized - and make sure that you are not doing things just because that’s they way they have always been done. If you have a product that is not selling - stop selling it. If you have a sales pitch that is not producing results - stop using it. Choose to focus on what is working and on finding new ways to improve your business.

Goal #4: Utilize your technology

Technology is becoming more and more important to the success of every business. However, not all technology is made equal - or used correctly.  Make sure that your technology is working for you. Protect your business through backup services and anti-virus programs. Update your software. Get rid of devices that no longer work (or barely do). Talk to your Digity Tech Advisor to get recommendations about what new technologies, software and programs can help you in your specific industry. Let your technology be an asset instead of a burden to your business.

Goal #5: Schedule “Me-Time” on your calendar

Whether it's an hour every single day when you turn off your smartphone or a 2 week scheduled vacation, help improve your overall life and health by finding time for yourself. By giving yourself permission to spend time away from your work (both physically and mentally), you will keep yourself refreshed, motivated, and excited about your business ventures. Help yourself keep this commitment by scheduling your me-time just like any other important meeting or to-do item in your life. How has setting goals improved your business? What have been some of the goals you have achieved? Share your thoughts and insights in the comments below!