How a Computer Network Can Improve Your Small Business

We finished our last post with a question about how a computer network can improve your small business. Because, let’s face it. Every small business needs its technology to work for them. Whether it is improving the productivity of your employees, strengthening connections with your customers, or solving your daily problems, you need the right technology for your company. So just how can your network improve your small business?

It keeps your business moving

The right network can increase your productivity levels by leaps and bounds. Instead of having to search through old paper files or travel from office to office for meetings, a network gives you quick, reliable solutions. Not only can you access your information electronically at tremendous speeds, but you can use video conferencing, instant messaging, and other network-based technologies to keep everyone in the loop.

It makes it easy for your employees to work together

When your employees are all connected on the same network, there are a myriad of activities that are made easier. From interactive calendaring to to multi-user access to files, a strong network makes collaboration a piece of cake.

It keeps your business modern and mobile

Small businesses can rely heavily on people who are outside the office. Whether it is employees who work from remote locations or ones who are constantly on the road, the right network (such as a VPN) allows all your employees full access to their data, messages, emails and more - no matter where they might be.

It cuts down on your costs

The Internet, printers, scanners, faxes, and other office equipment are necessary expenses in the business world. However, it is not necessary to purchase of all this equipment (or separate Internet packages) for all of your employees. When your office is networked, you can have a central printer or scanner that is connected to all of your computers. You can also have multiple employees working off of one LAN connection. This way all of your employees use the same equipment, drastically reducing your spending on devices.

It keeps your information safe

Once a network becomes involved, it also becomes standard to backup the data stored on that network. Regular backups ensure that your data is safe and secure in the event of an emergency. Which means your business is protected against data loss and other potential disasters.

How do I know which type of network is right for my office?

The answer to this questions depends largely on your needs. Talk to your Digity Tech Advisor today to discuss the different types of computer networks available and how you can use these networks to improve the productivity of your small business.