Introducing the Digity Download Newsletter

When I founded Digity in 2004, I wanted to create a superior tech support company. One that would service all the technology demands of the small business owner. Since that time, Digity has distinguished itself as a leader in the field by always putting the needs of our customers first. Yes, we provide secure remote technology support, proactive maintenance, award-winning virus protection, and online backup software. But we also encourage our agents to do whatever is necessary - and to take as long as they need -  to solve your problems. We’ve thrown away the scripts and the time limits, ensuring that your business gets the help it deserves. Recently I announced the newest feature of our Digity membership: the Tech Advisor. Here at Digity, we know that technology is integral to the success of a small business. We also understand that it can be extremely difficult for a small business owner to stay up to date with their current technology - not to mention navigating the new programs and software released every single day.That is why is has become increasingly important to have someone in your corner who can not only fix your problems, but can also explain how things work and teach you how to leverage technology to your advantage. While our Tech Advisors are always just a call away, in an effort to expand our educational offerings, I am pleased to introduce our new monthly e-newsletter, the Digity Download. Each issue will feature articles and announcements focused on addressing the most common questions we hear from our customers. We hope that it will be a treasured resource in your company, helping you increase your technical knowledge and confidence. If you have any specific questions you would like to see addressed in the Download, please send them to  I also invite you to respond to any of the articles with your personal stories of how they have helped you and your business. Enjoy! Seth Bailey, CEO