Remembering Why You Started Your Small Business

Let’s face it. Running a small business is not easy. It requires a lot of time and energy, and the rewards are not always immediate (or obvious). As we’ve gone through our month of spring cleaning, we’ve focused a lot on the little things you can do to get your small business in order. However, none of those things are truly helpful if you aren't remembering why you started your small business in the first place. Most small businesses start from a place of passion. You see a need in the world and want to fulfill it. You have a talent that you want to share with the world. You long for the freedom that comes from being self-employed. Unfortunately, that passion can get quickly overrun by long hours, inconsistent income, and seemingly insurmountable problems. That’s why, in order to finish up your spring cleaning, here are 5 things to help you not only remember, but rekindle your passion for your business.

Display Visual Clues

Do you have the urge to make taxes easy for the masses? Do you want to have more time to spend with your family? Do you dream of a big house by the ocean? Do you desire to travel the world? Do you know that your invention is going to change the world? Help yourself remember the “why” behind your small business by posting visual clues around your home and office. These can be pictures, quotes, a dream board, or even a small knick knack that only you will understand. The trick is to have something to look at whenever you start to lose focus.

Create a Gratitude List

Take the time to write down all the things that you love about owning your own business. Is it the people you get to work with? The product that you believe in? The knowledge that you can take the afternoon off without having to ask permission? The ability to to work from home? Jot down your list of all the things you are grateful for in your small business and then keep that list in your drawer or posted on your desktop so you can read it whenever you need a boost.

Remember to Unplug

The wondrous thing about technology is that it keeps you connected at all times. The awful thing about technology is that, well, it keeps you connected at all times. It is so easy for small business owners to become slaves to the notifications on their smartphones and tablets. While you may be able to answer questions quickly, the constant shadow of work can quickly create burnout. Make sure that you have time every single day when you walk away from your device. Whether it is after dinner, before breakfast, or for a stolen afternoon hour, turn it off or place it in the other room so that you are not tempted to check and see what new email, text, or phone call has come in. Stepping away from your work will not only help you feel balanced in your life, but it will help give you the perspective you need to tackle your to-do list with a fresh pair of eyes.

Ask for Compliments

This may seem egotistical, but its actually a great way to help you remember why you are doing what you do. Reach out to your customers and your employees and ask them to send in testimonials about why they love your company and/or your services. Not only will seeing these positive affirmations help re-energize you in your work, but they also make great, positive additions to your website and social media platforms.

Start a Passion Project

Most every small business owner has an idea or project that they are dying to do but, for one reason or another, have not yet started. This spring, challenge yourself to take the plunge. Whether it is redesigning your store, hiring a new employee, upgrading your website, or starting trials on a new product, tackling your passion project can inject a new stream of enthusiasm into your work. The passion of small business owners is what take a good idea and transforms it into a vibrant, successful company. By following these 5 steps you can start remembering why you started your small business - and rekindle that spark that will push you to the next level.