The Most Common (and Expensive!) Network Mistakes

The computer network is at the heart of every small business technology infrastructure. And yet, many owners suffer from the complications, delays, and breakdowns that are the consequences of foolish actions. To take advantage of everything your network has to offer - and avoid potential headaches - here is a look at some of the most common (and expensive!) network mistakes.

Network Mistake #1: No automatic backup system

Your network will contain everything from your most recent report to your customers’ contact information. While having all that information in one centralized location is extremely convenient, it also makes it vulnerable. You can protect all the information on your network by instituting regular, automatic backups. This way, if anything ever goes wrong, you have a copy of your information standing by.

Network Mistake #2: Skipping regular maintenance

Just like a person is encouraged to go in for regular checkups in order to prevent (or catch) any major diseases, a network needs to be routinely examined. Maintenance work keeps your network in top shape and allows your tech support to spot (and fix) any potential problems. While it’s easy to see the need of your tech support when your network goes down, it is these routine visits that can help you avoid expensive disasters.

Network Mistake #3: Leaving your network in the hands of an amateur

Many small businesses try to save money by allowing their “neighbor with some computer experience” act as their IT support. While your bottom line will always be a valid, major concern, an amateur can often do more harm than good. You may save money initially, but you will eventually lose both the time and the money that it takes to fix anything that he can’t handle - or made even worse.

Network Mistake #4: Refusing to grow with your company

Most small business begin with a simple peer-to-peer network. While a small network is fine for a smaller organization, you need to grow your network with your business. When you put too many users on the wrong network, you will suffer from delays and outages. Talk to your Digity Tech Advisor to figure out the best times to change networks, add a server, and/or make other necessary adjustments to fit your growing business.

Network Mistake #5: Inadequate security

From malware to hackers, the information on your network needs to be protected from malicious attacks. Make sure that your network is protected with an anti-virus software that is updated and run regularly, strong passwords, and proper Internet practices.

The Bottom Line

Your computer network can be a major blessing to your small businesses. It can also be a major headache. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your company does not suffer from the lost time and money that comes from major computer network problems.